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About inviatech
Inviatech specialize Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) technology area of High Density Flex and Flex Rigid HDI PCB Technological and Engineering Layout Technological Design, PCB’s Assembly Process Validation nearly 25 years.
Inviatech offers PCB technological layout Design and PCB Quality Assembly Control full consulting services for your projects.
Inviatech aim to be an extension of your engineering to provide you with the expertise you need to achieve time to market high qualities and low cost products.
Inviatech with strong hands-on experiences in the PCB Fabrication industry work on workstations software tools that support accurate and precise PCB routing that are critical in high-density PCB to be success first time delivery.
We have received credible references from our customers and our PCB Technological Design PCB Vendors Local and worldwide have proven inviatech to be one of the bests in the industry.
With our multi-skill capabilities we are able to provide one stop solution to meet industry requirements by understanding customer's specifications and able to produce highly standard compliant products within the agreeable timeframe.
Our past experiences in running successful turnkey projects will further help in a way of any new PCB design and production process, right from an idea, data collection and specifications to production of the end product.