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Engineering / Assembly Process
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Flex PCB, Flex Rigid, Hybrid (Mix Materials)
Inviatech works with a wide range of PCB Assembly house (across the global) to ensure that
orders can meet in a time-efficient and High Quality.
We can offer our expertise to hit your target for Time to market as well for the best Quality - Highest Production yield
NPI - New Products introduction PCB (Development Proto Type)
Mass Production PCB Assembly
Technological and Engineering Assembly Process Control and Quality
New Product introduction Process Validation, QA / QC – Attendance at the Customer Subcontractor
Pre Production Technological Management (Set up, Component MSL, SMT Line Preparation) Expertise:
  • Solder Paste Stencil Aperture and Parameters Design
  • Solder Paste Specification and Handling, Stencil machinery parameters
  • Reflow oven Soldering - Lead free / laded / Mix - Reflow Profile technological set up design
  • Expertise with BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN, Flip Chip, DFN, Power Modules, LGA, POP – Package on Package
  • Surface mount Technology 5DX / X-Ray Analysis
  • Special Rework local Reflow profiling (Temperature Managements)
  • Re - Balling of BGA terminals, Die attachment and Wire Bonding
  • Hot bar soldering Flex circuit to Rigid printed circuit boards
  • Thru-Hole Technology- Selective Wave, Solder Paste Intrusion (TH Soldering by Solder Paste)
  • Mass Production Special tooling design
PCB, Assembly Component Failure Analysis