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PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication knowledge:
Inviatech was chosen as source of PCB vendor’s quality assurance
Rigid PCB up to (30 Layers Telecom), Video, RF – Microwave, Flex PCB, Multi Flex
Advance very small PCB – Special PCB Substrate Package Ultra High Density
HDI – High density Interconnection Technology,
Worldwide PCB Capability and Design rules Verity of PCB Raw Materials, RF Mix Material Hybrid
PCB Process Qualification:
  • Patterning and Etching
  • Photo Imaging
  • Lamination
  • Drilling
  • Solder Plating
  • Solder Resist
  • Silk Screen
  • PCB Testing
Inviatech can offer:
  • PCB Vendors Audit
  • Technological and Engineering Tooling Fabrication Support – Gerber file / ODB++
  • PCB Incoming inspection - Quality Control (COC QA)
  • PCB Failure Analysis, LAB Test, Micro Section,
  • PCB DFM improvement – Design for cost ( Cost reduction) and for High Yield