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Inviatech PCB Technology Services – Board Design Development Support
  • PCB Technological Layout Design
  • PCB Fabrication Master (Gerber files ) – Quality Assurance
  • PCB fabrication- PCB Vendor Engineering Support for CAM Tooling Preparations
  • Engineering Process Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards and Flex Circuits
Board Design – Products
  • Digital – High Speed
  • Flex, Flex Rigid, Multi Flex
  • Analog & Power (High voltage PCB Design)
  • RF Microwave, Mix Analog, Digital up to 60Ghz
Inviatech PCB Technology Cut edge Design and PCB Fabrication:
  • Very High Density design Rules for PCB Layout , Rigid, Flex, Flex Rigid, Multi Flex PCB’s
  • HDI (High Density Interconnection) – Micro Via types, Buried Via, Via Filling ( capping )
  • Buried Capacitors & Resistance
  • PCB Cavity
  • Thermal Heat PCB dissipation.
  • EMC - Design for Low-noise, Low-emission, and high-immunity
  • (EN55022, EN55024, and NEBS (GR1089) requirements)
  • Signal Integrity – Control Impedances VS Stack up Design knowledge to use different PCB Basic Raw Material, Layers Reference-Levels (Power and Ground Bounce solving noise across PCB Power Distribution, Crosstalk, Reflections.
  • MCM – IC’s Miniaturization Substrate / Ultra Micro Electronics PCB Design.
  • Mother Board High Speed Backplane Design.
PCB Layout Software Tools
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Very Best (Mentor Expedition)
  • PCAD
  • OrCAD / OrCAD PCB Layout